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Inform, Engage, and Activate Your Audience.

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As a health professional, you care about your patients and want them to be engaged and ready to take action to improve their health.  That’s not easy but it’s achievable.  Let us help you!


Matiella Health Communications (MHC) develops powerful, culturally tailored, entertaining and easy to understand content, materials and approaches for diverse populations.  We are social marketers, storytellers and human-centered designers.  We specialize in bilingual – bicultural health communications and in developing culturally tailored content and tools to help you engage and activate your audience.


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    Our Services    

Get to Know Your Audience!


  • Culturally tailored qualitative research

  • Bilingual, bicultural focus group facilitation

  • Dual language field testing, user testing

  • Pre- and post-testing

Social Marketing
Latinx Social Marketing Experts
  • Audience-centered health communications design

  • Discovery workshops

  • Branding workshops

  • Latinx marketing workshops

  • Public Health communication campaigns

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Content Development Experts
Health Communications


  • Transcreations not Translations

  • Bilingual, bicultural health content creation

  • Engaging and easy-to-read materials

  • Plain Language experts

Visual Storytelling
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


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Barbershop Talk



5003 SE 45th Ave.

Portland, Oregon  97206

7 Avenida Vista Grande, PMB 468

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508


Tel:  505.466.8817

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